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Revenge goes deeper than you think

The first John McCready thriller

When John McCready learns that responsibility for his brother’s death during the salvage of gold from the wreck of a German U-boat was down to the company’s CEO, he knows justice must be served…

…whatever it takes.

Plunged headlong into a heart-stopping, life and death struggle with an adversary who will stop at nothing to silence him, McCready must use all his wits and guile to take revenge against the man who changed his life forever.

From the depths of the North Sea, across the Highlands of Scotland, to tunnels deep beneath London’s streets, Deep Steal is a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns with an explosive conclusion leading to unexpected events nobody could foresee.

Reader comments

“Wow! Gripping”

“I couldn’t put it down”

“Fast paced and enthralling from the first page… up there amongst the best thrillers I’ve ever read”

“Refreshingly different from other action adventures”

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