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Throughout my life I have always tried to seek out adventure, whether real or imaginary. Much of this has taken place in, on, or under the water. 

Mike Seares Books is the home to a range of publications, from action thrillers that set your heart racing, to a behind-the-scenes look at working underwater in the film and TV industry.

But the one thing they all have in common is a sense of excitement and the unknown - whether filming sunken shipwrecks and coral reefs in the company of sharks, manta rays and other creatures of the deep, or journeying with a hero, battling the odds on thrilling and dangerous adventures.

The aim, above all, is to entertain, inform and surprise...

Mike Seares

Mike learned to dive when he was fifteen, and following a degree in marine biology and qualifying as a diving instructor, he has run a dive school in London, led trips around the world, and worked extensively in the film and TV industry.

The roles have ranged from safety and co-ordinating on feature films, commercials, pop-promos and TV productions, to camera work on documentaries, news reports and other video projects.

He has also written and directed a documentary on the development of rebreathers for the Discovery Channel, as well as numerous training and promotional videos. 

Many of these adventures are documented in the book, LIGHTS! CAMERA! SUB ACTION!

Photo credit: Stuart Clough

In parallel to the underwater work, he has always had a love of creative writing. This has led to a number of screenplays and the John McCready series of novels.

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