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Trust is an illusion

The fourth John McCready thriller

The world’s richest man has a plan to save the planet - and no one’s going to like it.

When John McCready receives a cry for help from the past, he’s hurled headlong into a far-reaching conspiracy of global proportions.

Blindly entering a world of environmental activists and the super-rich, he finds he’s drawn into a commitment he’s powerless to resist. 

Before he knows it, he’s being pulled down a path that could lead to an uncertain future from which there would be no going back.

From the safety of California, across the highest peaks of the Alps, to a deadly confrontation beneath the Indian Ocean, Deep Control will force McCready to use all his willpower and skills to combat a seemingly unstoppable force that could change the world forever.

Reader comments

“A cracking read”

“Exciting and a real page-turner”

“It has everything a thriller like this needs”

“Truly love these books”

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