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Instinct will keep you alive

The second John McCready thriller

In the second of the series, John McCready embarks on a hazardous mission for the British government. 

A nuclear submarine is in trouble in the Pacific and the crew are in peril. McCready and his team are the only ones who can help. Also on board is an item of vital importance to British national security, and there are other players out there desperate to acquire it.

But as the story unfolds, things are not all they seem.

Thrown reluctantly into a situation beyond his control, McCready must overcome the forces ranged against him to fight to survive and uncover the truth.

 With help from an unlikely quarter, and abandoned by those he loves, he faces the ultimate sacrifice in the ultimate confrontation.

From the depths of the Pacific Ocean, through the tropical islands of Palau, to a nerve-shredding climax in the icy mountains of Russia, Deep Impact will leave you dazed and breathless, as an unwilling hero puts it all on the line for the safety of a nation.

Reader comments

“Great twisting plot”

“Excellent page turner! Kept me hooked!”

“Exciting throughout and well written with a great ending”

“Action that keeps you on the edge of your seat”




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