Words of Adventure


A matter of life and death

The third John McCready thriller

When two of the most powerful people on Earth are held hostage,

the world holds its breath.

But for John McCready, his problems are only just beginning.

What starts out as a rescue mission, turns into a race against time to a backdrop of global disaster.

When events take a turn for the worse, he's left to fight insurmountable odds and make the ultimate decision of life and death.

From the tranquil lochs of Scotland, through a desperate fight for survival deep underwater in California, to the knife-edge tension of a confrontation high above the Pacific, Deep Hostage will take you over the edge, as one man is forced to the brink with the fate of the world in his hands.

Reader comments

“Hollywood blockbuster written all over it”

“Astonishing imagination and a real action-packed thriller”

“McCready is every square-jawed British action hero rolled into one”

“It had a real 007, Mission Impossible, Bourne feel to it”

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