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Staff at a London ad agency are being killed off one by one in this intriguing short story.

The drama unfolds as we follow one of the employees and her colleagues as they deal with the mounting stress and fear of the daily commute home at night.

As reports come in of more deaths, the close-knit group gains strength and security from each other – even when their own are targeted.

But as events unfold the killer cannot be stopped and ultimately the shocking truth will be told.


InSane was written for Howard Greenhalgh, one of the UK’s most successful and creative commercials and pop promo directors.

Howard wanted to make a short drama that was the complete opposite to the spectacular, flashy visuals of his pop videos and advertising projects.

What we came up with was, InSane, a gritty tale of a serial killer on the streets of London. 

Shot over four days around Paddington and other locations throughout the capital, InSane delivers twists and turns right up to the final moments.

Behind the Scenes

                                 SCREENPLAY FORMAT

The screenplay is one of the purest forms in which to tell a story. It consists of simple description of action, followed by centered dialogue for each character, with only what you see on the screen appearing on the page.

Initially it might seem a strange format to get your head around, but once you understand the pace and style, it is an incredible way to experience a narrative.

It is the format that all movies are written in and it has amazing pace. And when done well can propel the reader into the action far more than a novel is able to achieve.

It is the ultimate page-turner.

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